Arda Yigithan Orhan


I question things a lot and have a huge motivation when it comes to disrupting the status quo. And since I have an entrepreneurial spirit, I have started at least a dozen startups so far. Here is a short story.

In 2014, I decided to move to Turkey to launch Portöyist, a fin-tech application that allows people easily track their investments. Then obviously we needed an office in Istanbul. During our office search, one thing led to another and I founded Kolektif House, a co-working space based in Istanbul, Turkey with my two other co-founders.

Shortly after founding Kolektif House, I saw a huge knowledge and experience gap in tech. This led me to start Kolektif Labs, A tech consultancy company.

I am also a big fan of side projects. You can follow my current on going projects via clicking the button below. I'd love to hear, if you have any feedback on them!


I am a tech consultant at Kolektif Labs.

If you are a startup and have issues regarding technology, need help with development or forming a development team,

Or if you are a corporate company and believe you need some guidance in your digital transformation process,

You can click the button below to get detailed info about services we offer and checkout the references we have.



Although my schedule is super packed, I always try to allocate time to share my experiences. I am currently mentoring at Workup, Google Launchpad and Hackquarters

Workup is an accelerator program sponsored by Turkiye Is Bankasi and operated by Kolektif House. I strongly recommend it, if you are an early stage startup.


I studied Electrical & Computer Engineer and Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. So my profession is software development. But I always consider coding as my hobby, since it is something I really like for a long time.

I started coding when I was 11 years old. Back then, I was using Pascal. Throughout the years, I have almost developed software at every level of the technical stack including frontend, backend and mobile.

instructor and public speaker

I have been teaching classes and giving speeches about technology to corporate companies and individuals at Tezgahcilar

You can contact Tezgahcilar if you are interested in any of the classes I teach or topics I give speeches. You can also visit my Tezgahcilar profile via button below.